Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I Won't Be Watching Grammys.

So when the toons blame God tonight about having a hand in cooking up their monster hits I'll be thumbing through my wall of 300 films and pausing as I cross 'Master and Commander' long enough to hear Kristine say - 'Christ sake you've watched that forty times' .. I'll hesitate and reply - 'Yep, darling but I need to go back to sea, the pelicans beckon.'I stopped watching cartoons when Rocky and Bullwinkle were buried by Clutch Cargo, this morose looking toon where lips slightly bend and bodies rarely moved sort of like tonight's cast on the Grammys.

I'm so out of touch I haven't a clue what's happened since 1980. I'm being honest, I lost my way. I remember Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin and Stevie Wonder a few Steely Dan tracks and the Eagles but after than things get a bit hazy.

Pop music has never been the soundtrack to my life since early Beatles and Stones. I know every song!

Last night I caught Justin Beiber on SNL sing live -sorry, but baby dude is terrible. This is cut and paste nonsense.

I played catch up the past couple days and listened to Mumford and Sons and thought I was on a fine Kentucky bluegrass hayride. Familiar and fun. Frankie Ocean genius? I'm reserving that for Stephen Hawking. After that - clueless!

Jazz, blues and most anything else on Grammys is as invisible as it is here on Junos. They aren't real categories they are the pity categories; I pity the kids who busted their asses learning to play when farting around with a sequencer was a better option.

I really think cinema is more riveting than music in our times. I can name fifteen outstanding movies from this season I could watch over and over not the same for music.

I sound cynical but the truth of the matter - I'm old and have less interest in trends and jaded when it comes to sixty plus years of pounding hype. I'm not a snob but the most unconnected musician in the music industry. I like what I like when I hear it and just don't pay attention beyond that.

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