Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vacationing in North Korea

Truly folks – this place sucks rocks! I can’t think of a more suited environment for Ted Nugent – secretary of murder..

There are plenty pariah countries that have some redeeming visuals – not North Korea. Nothing like a cultural romp at a power plant.

You can’t mess up a country more than this. You can’t even feel the passion of two million play suits goose stepping to that fascist-communist bong - a nova.

The price for each nuclear underground blast could feed this backwoods clump of forbidden earth decades on end. How miniature men with weird heads ever got in a position of power boggles the mind.

I remember watching one of those Outdoor Network travel shows where the hosts actually get a view inside the place. The two guys sit in a classroom with elementary aged children and try to make the kids laugh. Not one gesture punctured the wooden faces – not a crack in expression. You want joyless – you’ve got it.

Another trip was a tour of a broken down playground with ruptured merry go round, broken swing set and busted pavement. This was the showpiece.

Everywhere you look there are monuments, statues, posters, inscriptions promoting the supreme leader. I don’t know about you – I see a photo of myself and I want it tagged – unforgivable – remove immediately.

You can’t even measure egos this size in earthly terms.

So for all the long term suffering in the name of collective communism this is all you’ve got to show – repression, starvation and things meant to blow up the world.

Yes, there are times a firing squad comes in handy – I would think just waking up in this place would make one wish for a quick exit.

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