Monday, February 18, 2013

And Here is the Voice of Jazz

I always crack up when I hear the moniker thrown around. Yes, he’s the voice of jazz in Toronto, no, the voice of jazz for Canada, I heard this said at a recent function – let`s get with it - God stamped jazz pope on this person`s face.

There is no such thing or authority. There are folks who play jazz on radio, write reviews, fatten basement collections but they are fans with a fans knowledge of music. There are others that have held an instrument – labored transcribing and learning – they get it.

Musicians are the ones who understand. It comes through their hands, their souls, minds, and music. You would never hear one lay claim to being the voice of anything other than themselves.

There are some great jazz writers who play with words in rhythm with the players. They come the closet.

I`m always amused at top ten lists – it`s like film. In reality, there is no top ten. There are top ten opinions.

I`ve seen nearly every major film this season and to me there is no number one. If I were to have my say it would be `Life of Pi.` There, I said it. Saw Argo`` – good not great, Silver Linings Playbook`` – awesome, Lincoln``- a classic - `Zero Dark Thirty` - already forgotten. Àmour` - I`m not ready to watch an aging spouse tragedy.

There will be many who disagree and that`s cool – I`m just saying. We all know Kenny G`s `Duotones`is the greatest jazz side ever!

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