Sunday, August 25, 2013

Let Them Smoke Pot..

It’s pretty obvious Trudeau is mining for young votes an untapped source and getting ahead of a mouthy cohort who had just publicly mentioned weed being slung around over dinner.

It truly is about time we legalize and savor the profits from the forbidden plant. Sucking families dry through gambling to me seems downright evil yet governments rely heavily on the faith of the weak and underpaid to fill the coffers.

People smoke everywhere – who hasn’t. Hardly a day passes when I don’t recognize the sweet pungent smell of herb – it’s in and around. In fact, I see more people smoking freely on main streets.

I miss lighting up in cinemas. Oh, the follies of youth!

We went to see a ‘Reefer Madness’ midnight showing in the early seventies and the whole room was passing joints - talk about side splitting laughter.

Still the best was the afternoon premier of Woody Allen’s ‘Sleeper’ at the demolished Uptown Cinema.

My buddy Kenny and I rolled a couple, centered ourselves and lit up having no idea what the film was about other than we laughed our asses off watching, “Take the Money and Run.”

There were possibly ten people in the room counting ushers. The next hour plus all you heard was two howling crazies rolling in the aisles.  Of course the weed was mixed with tobacco to camouflage. I don’t think it worked that well – we were warned a couple times.

Politicians are such slime ball wanks. They’ve mostly been to college and survived in frat houses where beer and pot are nutrient staples. They didn’t just causally smoke they death bonged. None of that pass the thin joint and share with friends – but that coma thing for which I’ve never understood. I’ve never been in that state of mind and avoided as much as entering a frat house. I preferred a pack of Twinkies and an empty couch.

Alcohol is much more potent and lethal. The numbers don’t lie. There are too many deaths to count from highway accidents and inebriated murderous spouses to lose this argument. Then there’s just the plain mean drunks.

I’ve never met an angry pot smoker unless they mixed the two.

Pills kill and ruin lives. We live in a medicine cabinet drug culture. I truly hate that shit. I avoid taking pain killers. It’s where the head goes. I live for a clear cold glass of spring water and brain in the same mint condition.

Millions have done time in jail; billions wasted trying to keep them there – lives and reputations destroyed over nothing. Legalize drugs, diminish the profits to be made and encourage counselling and treatment. The dollars to be made with pot could pave the way to a more economic sound future. Let people barter with each other and make a few extra dollars which will surface in our economy. The only reason we haven’t moved that direction is big corporate interests must be served first – and that’s figuring out a way of screwing the average Joe out of making a few dollars that would never flow from a government ordained source.

It’s always about who owns the oil, the resources now water – where the game is played.

Could come a time when all pot is birthed from Monsanto seeds thus the evil ways of seductive Mary Jane will all be forgiven.

Scratch my back – light my fire!


  1. In addition to the corporate interests that don't want pot legalized, you also have the entire establishment that lives off of people being incarcerated. But I think that the current pot suppliers, from the local 'good time man' to the gangs and mafia that control the supply, are most in danger of losing revenue. If legalization comes, grow-your-own will have to be part of the package.

  2. it will take the crime out of the action