Thursday, August 22, 2013

Darn that Dream..

Do you ever get the feeling you were birthed in a dream? You were created in someone’s imagination then popped in a server’s belly.

The action in dreams is much like watching summer movie fare – the absurd, the impossible – the unpredictable.

My favourite is one that lasted most of a night a few years back.

I floated around the ocean’s seaways on a carpet  fingers dangling a few inches below waterline. I wasn’t fearful just amused. The water was warm – the sky perfect. Nothing happened - other than an easy cruise; then I woke up.

These are the kinds of dreams you want to revisit and add a few scenes but never get the opportunity.

The other night I’m back on ocean this time dogging a rhino tusk. Why it was spear fishing in big water is beyond me.

Last night I’m in some upscale restaurant undergoing a downward transformation waiting to be served. As I bide time I notice the building aging and turning uninhabitable. Then two young boys out of a Dickens novel arrive to show me an exit route which leads between two worlds – one; the decaying building the other a fence covered in chicken wire. We begin climbing and escape – then I wake up.

When you are very young you fly above trees. Loved those nights – the only time I had a good look at the neighborhood and activity above treeline. Of course there was the gremlin living in the closet that looked right out of a Jules Verne novel.

Octopus are scary bedroom creatures. They slink around just after you doze off and eat all the toys and food crumbs.

My epic encounter reaches back forty years. I find myself on the plains in Australia and this giant object is running towards me. The closer it gets I can make out the figure of a rabbit. This is one big sucker – my size. It stops a few inches in front of me and stares back with runny eyes. We both inspect and ponder .. and try to make sense of each other. This goes on for hours. Sir rabbit says nothing only reflects my image back it me - it then turns and limps away. I had gone a long time absent dreaming and Mr. Rabbit brought the cure.

I have no idea what dreams mean other than possibly after our time on earth we return to dream state. We dream we were here once, had families, argued, loved, worked, traveled and exhausted ourselves and when the eternal dream returns we’ll rest, imagine and start again.

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