Friday, August 30, 2013

If it’s Good – It’s Always Good!

I was thinking about how much nothing is played on radio. Mr. Fix-it is upstairs painting our bedroom and Kris adjusted radio to country for him and the house is sweltering in cowboy whines and cringe worthy lyrics.

We have all worked on projects we believe deserved more than a passing hearing that come with exceptional performances. But like so much in life – fair is elusive and reserved for those who can afford paying for it.

I was reading a post about Linda Ronstadt earlier and the fact she’s battling Parkinson and barely staying afloat. The royalty checks for singers who never wrote their own hits are a far cry from the preserved income of composers and writers.

My road conversations with Martha Reeves constantly returned to the ten number one hits and the $250 pay day. She didn’t write either. Martha is in fine health and can tour – sign autographs, photos whatever and fill her purse with decent returns.

Those far from the bump and grind shows that now masquerade as rock and pop have a difficult time battling for attention or point of entry.

I must admit – living on the fringe of the music business has its advantages. Humility is not something you come by late in life – it’s an overcoat you wear every day and all winter.

We have been thrown unmercifully into the unknown and left with a host of new tools - I for one embrace.

There are projects I’ve produced that stick to the ribs and cause me considerable angst. One such – Kinga - It’s Magic.

You’re in the studio and the atmosphere is just right – the player’s top notch and the artist – super. The tracks come out far better than anticipated. You finish, master and drop in mail and nothing.

You play for friends and they respond as friends then project evaporates into the distant realms.

So, I thought deeply about this and my pal Kinga – who I thought was as good as anything coming along the jazz highway and decided to take another route and post on YouTube. Bingo – Kinga has found an audience and those tracks that sat cramped on a CD have life for the first time - which brings me to this observation. The biggies may have had their moment in the sun but as time passes we all play on the same ground. Music is made these days to be disposable and refilled the next day. If the music is good on the downbeat it will always be good and someone will eventually discover.

Congrats Kinga… the fun is in the doing!

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