Friday, August 2, 2013

Cooking with Ramsey!

I’ll be upfront – I love cooking shows - in many ways they trump music. Rock stars are now fossils more suited to cryogenics than television.

I see two pans and layer the bottoms with olive oil and off I go. I know absolutely zilch about the fine art of cooking.

A year ago I decided to tackle the kitchen. I bought a dozen Mason jars on Spadina and filled them with herbs and spices. The act was exhilarating as if owning spices would deliver a five star meal.
I envy grill masters - meat and fish look like a Rembrandts - even in the hands novices.

I bought a few tools in Chinatown and loaded the spoon drawer and “what the hell is this drawer” with cheaper finer tools of the trade.
I’m hooked on Master Chef – I know, I know, Gordon Ramsey is a stomach churning jerk – but a more enlightened one than Simon Cowell. At least he knows food. Cowell and music were more attuned to a toasted cheese sandwich packed with squealing pig.

I’d hide in a meat locker if someone ‘word whipped’ my stir fry with the same gusto as Ramsey slays talent.
My Kris is such a fine cook. She plays the stove like a silk piano. I usually cook while she’s surfing her iPad.

I love food – the more exotic and remarkable the weaker my resistance.
Every week Ted Woloshyn and I meet the chefs, the cooks, the restaurant owners and sample fine cuisine. I’ve never asked for a recipe. Why would I? These folks have been at it a lifetime - me – the life of a water sprite.

I marvel at the presentations and conversations. In this world of supreme artists those that succeed are the most passionate, detailed, and persistent. Cooks like musicians never stop exploring, experimenting and revising. I absolutely love being around talent at this level. Let me be perfectly frank.. these folks are serious. Get out of the kitchen if you’re not committed or prepared to spend sixteen hour days.
Over the past two and half years we’ve no doubt sampled two hundred plus restaurants and met that many chefs. You don’t get into the business unless you know your craft and are half-crazed and determine to get your flavors in the mouths of the public.

Watching Master Chef is a challenge. I have no idea what’s going on other than I want to be fourth in line to taste. If I were asked to make sushi I would simply suggest to one of the masters on the show try EDO – then hide in a fruit basket.
I have truly learned volumes about cooking hanging with Ted. I have no clue how to recreate but I do know the difference.

Don’t get Kris and I debating pizza in Toronto. We have been around and sampled the best and no matter what the experts say we adore Terroni and Mecurio. Pizza is a blazon emblem of pride in TO. You either got it or you don’t!
Back to tonight’s meal. I made a decent stir fry dish – we ate and I escaped with my limited pride in tact until Kris said – “anyone can make a stir fry – few screw it up.” Time for a Three Musketeers!

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