Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Bill King Trio +5 - One Mint Julep

The Bill King Trio +5 – One Mint Julep

With the Bill King Trio – ‘Five Aces’ recording still holding strong on the Canadian Roots and Blues Music Report some sixteen months after first entering and number fifty spot on international blues charts 2012 King thought it time to tie things over between recordings with a new single.

King played Hammond B3 organ on ‘Five Aces’ but mostly as under padding for acoustic grand piano. With much encouragement and a life time love of the classic organ The Bill King Trio +5 made perfect sense – plus 5 being the addition of three horns, guitar and percussion.

“I lived with those Jimmy Smith sides –‘Walk on the Wide Side, Chicken Shack’, Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – ‘Misty’, Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, John Patterson, Charles Earland, Larry Young and all,’ says King. I thought how cool it would be to revisit my favourite – Ray Charles ‘One Mint Julep.’

Mint Julep is a sophisticate blues. King goes the extra mile incorporating New Orleans style piano in support. “James Booker” is my man. “Every time I sit at the piano and I go into that Crescent City mode I’m thinking to myself – what would James Booker do, “says King.

The Bill King Trio +5 – ‘One Mint Julep’ isn’t a copy or a throwaway party track – it’s an innovative reworking of the original with all the spirit and musicality one would expect.

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