Friday, March 1, 2013

March so Far..

 What can I say? March so far has been terrific.

My left eye opened to little doggie spying me through eyes lit by the shine of window light. She lay there with woolly face on my shoulder – something she does most mornings. I dare not move and lose that moment so I roll from 7:04 to 7:30 listening to her breathe and absorbing her goodness.

7:30 I say the magic words – ‘Want to go out? I should interupt and say –I need to get up, light is here and head is clear. Anyway,  bingo! she’s upright with serious bop bounce in her feet.

I get dressed she jets downstairs and waits until I unlock back door and out she goes to roar at neighborhood – ‘Everybody up!”

Meanwhile, I cook tea and haul in Friday edition of Toronto Star, search through a few jazz photos from the past - post then prepare for total March 1 day - So far so good.

When all is right I place iPad in pad position, smartphone nearby, and unfold front pages of The Star and spot the headline – “Step Away from Charity Ally Tells Ford.” You would think by now our city court jester would get the message. I know I would be terrified by another round of legal proceedings but I assume when you are this popular with your renegade posse and have banked considerable wealth this stuff is just a nuisance. One day I want to be mayor just so I can hold up a Royal Bank in broad daylight with a can of soup and walk away like nothing happened and have my posse yell –‘Fuck those lefties.”.

In reality, the humor keeps sizzling. I expect the month to give more than it takes. Tomorrow I’ll be back on radio hanging with Ted and that will be  Saturday big fun. Sunday – Canadian Screen Awards – I hope Argo wins!

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