Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photography and videoing .. the jazz thing!

Capturing jazz festivals is basically anything to do with instruments in hand that gets people’s corpuscles percolating especially when they have a device for freezing the moment or collecting motion with sound.
 I had planned to do as much video work as possible between all other responsible jazz fest duties and experiment. New gadgets need extended rehearsals.

Woodbine was the first time I got to try out the new Lumix GH3 – both sides – stills and video. This is one terrific body. Kris and I are holding two of the most recent creations – 12-35MM 2.8 and 35-100MM 2.8. To be perfectly frank.. most people assume it’s the camera that makes decidable differences – not the case – it’s the quality of lens. These new additions are spectacular! Kris keeps telling me she will never give them up. I remind her there’s a reality check coming end of August and she doesn’t have the cash..

Both are not cheap and run in the $1,200 range each. Seems like a chunk but when up against comparable glass it’s a steal. Images are as sharp as coming from a $5,000 lens. They are quick and light on the wrists and finely crafted. The barrels turn with ease.

I’ll let you decide on video quality. Woodbine was all GH3 – Kew Gardens – Canon 60D and 15-85 MM lens.

The Canon has a large sensor giving it an edge. The GX1 was my go to video camera for TD Jazz Festival and worked beautifully.

I’ve looked at these on my 46 inch Samsung and the 1080 is solid. Your feedback is appreciated.

On another note; great to meet John Davidson who was our Jazz in Motion winner and hang a bit, Igor Vidyashev – the professor, Anna Encheva – second place Jazz in Motion, Robert Saxe and others. All present first class quality images and work smoothly – no clowning or showboating. The best event photographers are near invisible. You see them standing alongside going about the work yet they’re quiet and respectful. The funny thing is there’s not much talk about equipment – most have the best and most suited for their needs.   Panasonic Lumix GH3

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