Thursday, January 24, 2013


I always admire those who keep diaries. A daily record of thoughts and experiences - even a time-table  impresses. Words are hard to come by!

I put full blame for these scribbled shorts on my dearly beloved friend Dr. Kira Payne.

Dr. Payne at one time was an aspiring jazz musician with a brain the size of a skyscraper. We both played in Bobby Herriot’s Orchestra at the Old Mill Inn a couple decades past – Payne held the alto chair and I a sub for marvelous pianist Brian Murphy.

Payne already had a wall of degrees and was thinking ahead – I was worried about the pay – money is never easy to come by. Together we formed a spiritual and intellectual bond of friendship that serves us to today.

Kira would offer me a ride home every night after the gig. Those short moments exploded with words, thoughts – the intonation of the conversations were like the best Keith Jarrett solo known to man or the sweet sound of Clark Terry’s horn smoothly carving a blistering pace through a classic standard. We didn’t just talk about music – we talked about talk. The walls in the car reverberated with chatter!

Up until then I would never show anyone other than Kristine my short stories. Kira insisted!

I left her a couple to take home hoping next meeting she’d give me pointers only a devout book reader could give.

Not only did Kira read – she encouraged- she insisted I write, write, write. Not the kind of conversation with a person who just likes you absent criticism but from a person with acute intellect who observes and assimilates then throws combustible substances into a fire and expects you to dance.

Those glorious trips grounded in inspiration cart me from place to place today.

I returned the favor by pushing and provoking her to become what she dreamed of becoming – a doctor.

She made it – let me back up here – she really made it. She’s brilliant and a mind that keeps inquiring, investigating and reshaping the potential of all of us and searches for profound solutions.

We all deserve a Dr. Payne in our lives – that person a step or two outside family and circle of friends who insists you go deep in yourself and free that which is trapped beneath.

Without her encouragement these words would not exist!
Dr. Payne!

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