Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Photograph The Day That Is!

There are so many skilled photographers – masters of every moment, enough to scare most into hiding. I’m in awe of the photographic past and always present in the moment and envy those who travel with entourages and massive staging for that unique shot. Photography for me is much less complicated and more about about today – a few passing sights and interludes – just me and my camera – a private conversation with dial and numbers and hopefully a few images that capture the avidity.

I carry a camera most destinations even if there is no determined stopping point. The world is made up of short and long breathing sequences.  Life moves at multiple tempos. That camera and I is much like that person who could never settle behind a desk pinned to the corporate world.  That’s the kind of photography only the most disciplined and money driven adapt easily. It’s where the real dollars are. I’m somewhere between passion, illusion and discovery. I find everything interesting most life surreal!

Photography gives when it finds a reason to give. It’s a no brainer running wild snapping off items in a mad chase as if this were a grocery list. Patience and anticipation require a soft grip - a different set of self control knobs and buttons.

I woke up just past 7AM and witnessed the loveliest light beyond the bedroom curtains. It was warm and bleeding orange. I quickly slid into sweats and slippers and race to the back door. The moment I arrive the sun takes a leave of absence.

I’m not discouraged by this simply because the view from my back porch is always the same except for seasonal changes. I live in old Toronto – Portuguese - where vines cling, garages double as smoke houses, and families gather late at night and pass wine, sing, and cook and talk loudly over one another.

I would die a grievous death in the suburbs. I’m a people person! I want to hear languages cross, cut and confuse one another – intersect and excite. I want the smell of food cooking challenge my senses – seduce me to the table.
When warm weather arrives – I yearn to see gardens long on onions, tomatoes, lettuce, Chinese water melons, garlic, all pushing and hanging - struggling to face the sun.

I’m not country! I see it and am excited it stays put but I’m downtown guy! I cycle where I want when I want. I have needs and they are immediate. A pristine valley and landscape painted by God is to me a quick nostalgic jaunt but the city is where the soul mingles with all life that has come before. We need company and company is always nearby!

I look at my neighborhood  - the architecture – the kids whose bodies have radically changed - tall boys dribbling a basketball –  young girls bodies in bloom and think to myself how privileged I am to bear witness.
So today the camera went for a stroll and peered at weathered back alleys – winter's piled trash, heaps of cat shit – stained plastic tarps - a bath tub full of decay meant for a grave yard, a garage door sprayed and frayed, dying tree limbs and rooftops in severe need of repair and the sights sent my heart pounding. Thank God the camera was there to record impulse and document those moments! I live for my city .. And it is gracious to allow me bare witness.


  1. i am thrilled about the graciousness of your city .. and how you are equally as gracious to allow us witness to it and your beautiful eye & mind are so adept at finding. you have always inspired me in this ..