Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Woke Up This Morning...

I Woke Up This Morning...

A female friend asked me yesterday why so many men commit so much evil. I couldn't stop thinking about that.. especially with the brutal killings in the Congo, poisoned political landscape here and next door.

I think it's more about conditioning. We exist in controlled randomness .. we've learned how to corral and arrange a few things to convince ourselves of our infallibility. If men weren't a murderous lot then there would be no established enforced law followed by degrees of punishment.

I remember the indoctrination sessions at Ft. Campbell,KY - stabbing a dummy with a bayonet - yelling gooks die. To that point of my life I'd never encountered a gook and could only imagine what that meant - was it a monstrous little being with beady eyes and fangs or was it as I come to learn a peasant farmer clueless to the world beyond his rice paddy.
3,000,000 of these folks were killed defending and defeating all comers. What was gained by such monumental failure -59,000 young Americans dead, 250,000 injured - 100,000 plus suicides, living scars that deprive the soul of spiritual peace?

The male bond with insanity is repeated daily whether in the Congo or the streets of America - the boardroom or politics. You blow a person's brains out because you can. It's all about control. Money is just a bit of candy the real pay-off is control. The illusion of conquering and forcing your will on others.

I think men have never adjusted to life. It was much easier kill for survival - much more complicated after learning to garden - too resist.

I'm surrounded by plenty stable and lovely men but beyond that things get shaky. There are times I brush against the other types and it makes me uncomfortable. There's always that awareness the life we have invented and cultivate is far removed from others of our species. Far away there is a young man stuffed in a box being tortured for just being in the wrong place, saying the wrong thing or just denied membership in club humanity.

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